PI Equipment Ltd Data Security and Privacy Policy

PI Equipment's data consists entirely of e-mail communications, e-mails from contact forms, data collected by Data Processors, including Google (primarily through Google Analytics), Facebook Inc. (primarily through Facebook Insights). These Data Processors have their own privacy policies that can be viewed on their web sites.

Users can share links from the web site using facilities provided by Google (Share on Google+), Facebook (Share on Facebook), Twitter (Tweet link), LinkedIn (Share on LinkedIn). These companies have their own privacy policies on how they collect and use data. PI Equipment does not directly track use of these buttons in our role as Data Controller.

Cookies stored on the user's browser, with their explicit consent include language choice, currency choice. If users do not select these options explicitly on the site they are detected using browser language setting and location derived from their IP address. Users are informed of this process. Users are informed that this process is essential to correct functioning of the site. Users are informed that this information is not used in any way other than to provide a personalised view of the web site. Users are informed that they should accept this functioning or otherwise disuse the web site. Users are also told how they can delete cookies by linking to help and support information for various popular web browsers.

IP addresses of clients are stored on our servers as part of standard logging policies for our web server software. These are not linked to any personally identifiable information of any individual users. The IP addresses and other logging information which might sometimes include browser information (such as browser name, version, language, operating system) are only ever used for security purposes. For example, if the web site or any associated accounts were compromised we would give any useful data to the relevant authorities in the United Kingdom or abroad.

E-mail communications are secure. E-mail accounts and e-mails are and must only be viewed over secure connections that use modern encryption. All accounts are secured with strong passwords that are regularly updated. PI Equipment monitors security advisories from partner companies and service providers and responds to warnings such as but not limited to advice to change passwords due to security breaches.

Users of the web site may contact PI Equipment by any method listed on the web site to ask for information on any data we hold on them, including e-mail communications. They may also ask for this data to be deleted. PI Equipment will delete any such information as soon as the request to do so is read.

In summary: PI Equipment Ltd takes users privacy and data security seriously and will fully comply with any requests concerning their data. PI Equipment does not strive to collect or use information for any purposes beyond selling or hiring plant and industrial equipment and increasing traffic to our web sites. PI Equipment does not collect any personally identifiable information unless it is volunteered over e-mail or other communications and in this case users may request that it be deleted.