A world class international freight service

Using our network of trusted agents, we can insure that the most competitive quotes are given on freight of any of our heavy machinery.

Simply let us know where you would like your equipment landed and let us do all the work for you! We often can also provide in country service so our customers can have their equipment landed directly on site ready for work.

PIE does not rely on sub contracts to move our equipment from location the docks. We use our own low loaders, and we can deliver to any UK port at a days notice from a sale being agreed.

If you're new to PIE and are concerned about the security of a machine transaction, PIE is always happy to drop the unit in question at any UK port prior to payment. This is as long as the purchasing party is happy to pay PIE for the cost of freight from our location to the docks before hand.

Sometimes if a customer is seeking finance on a unit, the finance company will often demand that the unit is loaded on the boat and delivered to its destination port before funds are realised to PIE. We understand this is sometimes the case and we can often supply this service to our customers where many others cannot.

Importing machines to a quarantine standard of conformity

For countries such as Australia and New Zealand, it is often extremely hazardous and costly insuring that a machine conforms to the quarantine standard conformity of cleaning.

At PIE we insure that this standard is achieved, on our own wash bays. Every machine washed by PIE is certified independently by the Southampton port authorities and a certificate of conformity is issued by those authorities.

We also de-gas our units and issue a certificate for this.

Our wash bay teams' attention to detail and experience give our customers in New Zealand and Australia peace of mind knowing they will be saving time and cost using PIE's first class cleaning service.

Services we are proud to provide

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our freight and cleaning services , we are always happy to talk to you no matter how small the question may be!