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About Us - Plant and Industrial Equipment

About Us

Our Mission, The Perfect Machine.

At P. I. E., we believe in supplying high quality machinery to new and existing clients worldwide.

All our services and machines are offered with this ethos in mind. Whether a small end-user or one of the world's largest demolition contractors, P. I. Equipment understands that the ability to invest in the right machinery assets will provide its clients with the key to profitability.

  • Is the machine the perfect match for the application?
  • Is the machine good value for money?
  • Will the unit prove to be reliable?
  • What is the availability of parts and service, and how much will this machine cost to maintain and run?
  • When is the right time to buy or sell used equipment?
  • What is the re-sale value?

These values underlie what drives us to success - we operate with small and large-scale companies who share our principles and work with us for a lasting relationship.

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